Service and civic engagement are central to what it means to be a Princetonian, 这反映在大学的非正式座右铭中, "bet36体育在线为国家服务,为人类服务.“大学的使命包括:教育学生, discovering new knowledge and developing students' character — have a common end goal, 改善bet36体育在线周围的社区和世界.

Our efforts to serve the public good are evident through direct activities such as food drives and tutoring, 但它们也通过课程和研究交织在一起, 从学习语言到研究气候变化. 学生们在校期间学习如何为社会做贡献, faculty serve the public through their scholarship and alumni go on to lives of leadership and engagement.



Students engage with community members in a drum circle as part of 社区行动

From students' first days on campus for Orientation to the wistful days before graduation, Princeton's 佩斯公民参与中心 seeks to teach students why and how to be engaged in meaningful, sustained service. Service activities are surrounded by discussions addressing the underlying policy issues, 与社区团体会面, 培训如何评估他们工作的影响, 以及反思服务的机会.


In addition, 每周有几十个活动-研讨会, lectures, lunch talks and more — offer students opportunities to learn about issues and engagement. 校园中心如 菲尔兹平等和文化理解中心 and Women's Center regularly host speakers who share their experiences in working to build a more just society.

Academics & Service

Princeton’s academic curriculum — including the general education requirements for undergraduates, such as laboratory science and ethical thought — provides students with a broad base of knowledge in fields from literature to genetics, and critical thinking tools that give them the ability to evaluate ideas and issues in their careers and as global citizens.


有些课程有动手实践的部分,让学生参与服务. The 社区参与奖学金计划 helps connect local nonprofit groups with faculty ranging from engineering to sociology, 学生们可以注册课程来开发研究项目, 收集和分析数据, and share their results and conclusions with organizations and agencies that can make use of the information. 与非营利组织和政府机构合作, students majoring in the in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs must serve on a 政策工作组 研究一项政策挑战,并向相关机构提出研究结果.

如果一个学生对一个问题充满热情, 毕业论文是深入研究这个课题的一个机会. Recent senior theses have covered topics including sustainable construction with bamboo, 理解婴儿的语言发展, 以及减少社交媒体对身体形象的影响.


After a morning meeting, students on the "Sex, Sexism and Sexuality" trip relax in Central Park. The group spent a week in New York City meeting with organizations involved in the feminism movement.

After a morning meeting, students on a 突破bet36体育在线 trip relax in Central Park. The group spent a week in New York City meeting with organizations involved in the feminism movement. 

Even before college starts, undergraduates can apply to participate in Princeton's 诺沃格拉茨桥梁年计划, a tuition-free program in which incoming freshmen defer their first year of college to engage in service abroad. A number of programs for undergraduate and graduate students are organized through the 佩斯公民参与中心, including 社区行动,以服务为中心的入职培训; 突破bet36体育在线例如,在学校放假期间进行为期一周的服务旅行; Community House, which focuses on education for local Princeton families; and the 学生志愿者协会, which coordinates more than 30 regular projects ranging from college counseling to firefighting. Students in the 凯勒中心的老虎挑战 work in small teams to address societal issues like affordable housing and adolescent mental.

In addition, 几乎所有校园组织,包括住宿学院, eating clubs, athletic teams, 以信仰为基础的团体-安排全年的服务活动. Students also have opportunities to develop and seek funding for new projects through initiatives such as the 公共服务的博格尔研究员 and 项目为和平.


The bet36体育在线公民服务实习 program, 由1969年的毕业生发起的一项校友倡议, matches students with alumni and nonprofit organizations for paid summer internships.

此外, 就业服务处 and the 国际实习项目 help identify internships that suit students' skills, values and potential careers. 所有的职业都提供了为公众利益服务的机会, 直接或间接, and these offices offer advising to help you find an opportunity that will be fulfilling and will help you decide on a career path.



除了支持bet36体育在线的学术使命, faculty and staff can give back to the local community through a number of annual programs the University coordinates, including a 美国竞选方式; 食品和玩具驱动 around the holidays; and a clothing drive 适合重新进入职场、需要商务着装的成年人. The Office of Community and Regional Affairs also collects and shares information on 为工作人员提供当地志愿者的机会, 比如提供食物, 为老年人提供交通工具, 在当地的收容所遛狗和训练, 保持徒步路线.



We hope that all students leave Princeton more service-minded than when they arrived, 公民参与已经成为他们生活的中心部分, whether they choose to volunteer with groups in their local communities or choose careers in service.

一些bet36体育在线学生选择攻读研究生奖学金, 很多都得到了校友团体的支持, 将年轻的校友与非营利组织相匹配. 这些计划包括 bet36体育在线AlumniCorps and bet36体育在非洲.

许多校友过着服务的生活. For example, Wendy Kopp, a member of the Class of 1989, founded Teach For America. 1980年毕业的马克·米莱是美国陆军参谋长.S. Army.

校友也可以通过在bet36体育在线的机会从事服务. 每年计划在同学会和校友会议上进行服务活动. 以保持循环运转, alumni can reach out to the University to share their expertise with students on campus, and they can host students in their communities and organizations around the world.